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A Building that
is Uniquely you

Exclusivity and personalization are obvious when we talk about luxury. But could we build something that people feel like it’s built only for them. The kind of feeling you have in a bungalow. The result is a structure that feels like an extension of you. For starters there are no beams or columns in the middle of any of the floors. Which means you are not restricted by our idea of what your house needs to look like. You can literally create anything your imagination allows you.

Which means that you can make it into a little den by itself; whether you want to reflect on life or entertain your friends when they come over.

Bedroom layouts have been designed to ensure that you get a 360-degree view of what's outside. The L-shape design of glass windows cast no shadows of the rising or setting sun giving you a floating cloud kind of feel. Even the toilets are designed with full height windows to let the sunlight in. We've focused on craftsmanship more than the logos used in our project. Because a resident here will have a discreet and nuanced understanding of what luxury entails. So, you will find that our obsession with detail will translate into a finished product that is flawless.

Make the Ordinary

We firmly believe that architecture shapes human behaviour; this leaves a huge responsibility on us.

501, Vastu Precinct,
Atchuytrao Patwardhan Marg,
Lokhandwala Complex,
Andheri (West), Mumbai 400 053.
Tel. +91 9930 55 9000
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