Common Spaces
That are Anything
But Common

A Since a common space often lends itself to social interaction, we believe that it must mirror the lives and personalities of the people involved. And what better way for a shared space to channel this sense of implied sophistication than to build every amenity with each individual user in mind, along with inimitable attention to detail.

It is our purpose to make you feel at home from the very moment you step into 140 Shivaji Park. With common spaces that are defined by the same degree of opulence as your living room, splendor and pride are never going to be in short supply

Make the Ordinary

We would never dare to impose our idea of how people should live; rather our idea originates from how people live and how spaces add to their lives beyond a functional sense.

501, Vastu Precinct,
Atchuytrao Patwardhan Marg,
Lokhandwala Complex,
Andheri (West), Mumbai 400 053.
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