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Floor Plan - 140 Shivaji Park Dadar West, Urbania Realty
More than the sum of its part

We started the process of conceiving 140 Shivaji Park, one of the best luxury properties in Dadar West, by trying to identify certain values and tenets that would embody what we wanted to create, in a non-linear, multi-dimensional sense. We were influenced by a whole host of things: the area of the project, the person who would want to live here, our understanding of the way they want to live, and a profound sense of what we wanted to leave behind. Although, unlike other luxury projects in Shivaji Park, we had to find a way to embody and go beyond the luxury experience expected of a premium residential project in Dadar West.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” a phrase attributed to Aristotle, creates a line of philosophy that changes the perspective of looking at luxury, especially from the perspective of a real estate company in Mumbai.

An Address
that is Complete
in Every Sense

There are only a few residential sights in Mumbai that are quite as charming as luxury projects in Shivaji Park. The project itself is tucked away in a quiet, leafy, by-lane that overlooks the Park, surrounded by the premium residential projects in Dadar West. There is also the matter of the view - spectacular, unobstructed views of the Arabian Sea in front and the Eastern Waterfront on the other side. Distinctly old school for a luxury project in Dadar West, some might say. Modern and accessible in another person’s view. But we don’t need to sell you the are or any upcoming residential projects in Dadar West, do we?

Map locations - 140 Shivaji Park Dadar West, Urbania Realty
An inside out view -  140 Shivaji Park Dadar West, Urbania Realty
An Inside Out
View to design

We wanted to create something spectacular without making it look like it didn’t belong as a luxury project in Dadar West. The result is a design, justified for a luxury property in Dadar West, that makes you feel like there is no boundary between your home and what lies beyond. The façade of the building is an ode to the heritage of the area, and an inspiration for all new construction in Shivaji Park Mumbai. The confluence of brick, concrete, wood, and metal gives it a unique character and leaves a unique signature that belongs to one of the best real estate developers in Mumbai.

A Luxury Trio- 3 BHK Flats, 140 Shivaji Park

140 Shivaji Park is a piece of your own world and has everything you ever expected from a 3 BHK near Shivaji Park, Dadar West. It’s your own space, a luxurious haven away from the hustle-bustle of the city that never sleeps.

It takes a lot to convert a new 3 BHK in Dadar into a vibrant home. Keeping that in mind we have prepared the best luxury facilities, unmatched by other 3 BHK flats in Dadar West, that suit your needs. And here’s why you’ll be delighted to move into a 3 BHK flat in Shivaji Park Dadar West- the very first day in your house will set a stage for all the loving memories to come. Take a glimpse of what it feels like to experience life and its possibilities at a 3 BHK Flat in Dadar West for sale.

Four-Fold Luxury- 4 BHK Flats, 140 Shivaji Park

As one of the most sought-after luxury 4 BHK flats in Dadar West, Urbania 140 Shivaji Park is a residential building that is a class apart. The demand for luxurious 4 BHK flats in Dadar is rising, as individuals from across the city lay their eyes on this prime location. Designed for those seeking an exquisite lifestyle, these flats promise luxurious living and a contemporary lifestyle. Creating an ambiance of bliss and peace, your luxury home aspirations will come true with this 4 BHK flat in Shivaji Park. The generously spaced flat will offer an unparalleled homely experience, which is closer to the dream home you have always had in your imagination.

It’s time to take your dreams up a pedestal! Your dream 4 BHK flat in 140 Shivaji Park comes with all the delights of experiencing luxury at a prime locale.

A Five Star Home- 5 BHK Flats, 140 Shivaji Park

A towering presence in the best residential area of Mumbai, 140 Shivaji Park is the beacon of luxury and refined living. An exceptionally skilled team crafted these 5 BHK flats in Dadar for a lifestyle that goes beyond luxury. Not many 5 BHK flats in Dadar West offer a luxurious aura and charm like 140 Shivaji Park. Unlock a modern lifestyle and explore the limits of luxury with these 5 BHK flats in Shivaji Park.

A 5 BHK flat in Shivaji Park offers its many delights that go beyond indoor luxuries. It offers an easy walk to the famous Shivaji Park, where many first-class cricketers learned their fundamentals. And the view of the nearby lanes will promise a glimpse of the little joys of living in a city like Mumbai. Experience a life of boundless living with 140 Shivaji Park.

Project Partner

Access Architects is an architecture firm started in 1982 by Mr. Atul Shah. The firm has evolved into a design studio that believes in innovation and modernization while keeping the traditional principles of design intact. The firm is behind marqee projects like The Ruby Tower, Sofitel Hotel in BKC, Washington House at Altamount Road. The offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, Access Architects is the architectural firm of choice firm for clients seeking innvation in design.

Thornton Tomasetti is a global engineering design, investigation and analysis services company working with clients across a variety of projects worldwide. A 100% employee-held organization of 1,300 engineers, architects, sustainability practitioners and support professionals, Thornton Tomasetti has offices across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

GRUNE is an engineering consulting firm specializing in a broad range of technical services and innovative solutions for sustainable, energy ecient systems, and complex projects nationwide. Founded by the Mr. Pradeep Nadkarni, Mr. T.M. Mathew and Mr. Sooraj Nair, Grune is leader in the field of MEP & Sustainability.

Interior Design, Art Environment, Installations & Landscape theme - Munawwar Sharifi Munawwar is responsible for the design story related to Interiors and landscape of 140 Shivaji Park. He is a designer and artist, and brings to spaces, a unique mix of art, installation and aesthetics to transform them beyond the ordinary. His studio - ‘The Design Company India’ is currently involved in projects of multiple scale and genres.

Establishec in 2000 Milind Samel, Architectural Consultant provides space planning along with estimates of project development to leading developers in Mumbai.

Make the Ordinary

The Challenge with luxury is that it means different things to different people.

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