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The Luxury

Posh, premium, lavish and rich- these are just some of the words that come to mind when we talk of luxury. While the word may seem wholesome in itself, every individual perceives it in their own way. As one of the premium real estate builders in Mumbai, we set out to explore luxury in its absolute form. Something that could be instantly recognized as a luxurious landmark that belongs to a reputed real estate company in Mumbai.

140 Shivaji Park, our luxury project in Dadar West, is a towering result of the idea of absolute luxury. A feat that takes nothing but the best builders in Mumbai. 140 Shivaji Park is luxury in its purest form and its towering presence is the symbol of luxury for all top real estate companies in India.

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Urbania Realty is a real estate development firm specialized in urban regeneration and redevelopment.

As a modern real estate company in Mumbai, Urbania Realty imbibes a design & innovation-led approach to business. This places Urbania amongst the premium real estate builders in Mumbai and justifies why Urbania is one of the top builders in Mumbai.

We Make the Ordinary

Which takes a far-sighted approach and zero tolerance for compromising with quality.

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